The primary focus when it comes to tackling storage is to consider what you own and how it is kept. Key moments such as major redecoration/ remodelling or moving house are the ideal time to reassess your storage needs. When you have to clear the lounge ready to be painted, it's the perfect moment to sort through your books or CDs. Moving house is a good opportunity to consider whether it's time for a declutter and think what to take with you.

Starting a family, or even a business from home can all change how we live and what we surround ourselves with.

Either way, it should always be an ongoing process. Choose what you need, want and love. Then you can choose how to store it.

Various stages in our lives can dramatically increase the amount of belongings we store in our homes.


First home - Most first homes tend to be small in size so storage can be a key factor, getting it right first time is important.

If you move in with someone else, in effect your possessions can double overnight.

Family home - family life can bring rapid changes with children growing/ moving, possessions coming/ going at various stages.

It can help considerably to set up a system of organisation that supports your daily routine. Most families find a healthy balance,

one that is not too strict and one that is not too chaotic. Sure, mix up the coloured Lego pieces, but at least get them off the floor.

Home business - with more and more people choosing to take work home with them, creating a separate workspace in your home can be a struggle. But with some creative thinking and practical use of space this can be easily achieved. When your working space is also your home, appearance matters.

Points to consider:

Instigate regular cleanout sessions, this applies to both children's and adults possessions.

Rotate various items into deep storage according to the seasons eg store winter clothes/ Christmas decorations.

Modular storage containers are useful for games, puzzles, art supplies, CDs, DVDs collections.

Working walls of storage, where the wall is lined with shelves or cupboards, or a combination of the two.

As soon as children are old enough, encourage their help in tidying up. Somewhere in the middle of order and chaos is fine!

Assign dedicated areas for important documentation as well as important items such as fuses, light bulbs, first aid etc.

With kids art projects and drawings, once they have been fully appreciated consider photographing them to save much needed space.