With so many different types of storage solutions out there, it is important to choose the right type to suit your space and budget.

A little bit of creative thinking goes a long way when it comes to small rooms.

From floating shelves to hidden wardrobes, there are many ways to store all of your possessions. Either discretely or with a wow.

Open plan - Display all of your treasured items, either with a variety of shelves or modular storage containers.

Paint the shelves to blend in with the walls or with a lovely bright contrasting colour to stand out.

Behind closed doors - Add doors to your storage. Either glazed, painted, decorative or plain. Compliment with a number of drawers.

Built in - Make the most out of those awkward spaces, maximise the hidden potential of your room by building in the storage.

Under stairs, below pitched roof spaces, alcoves. All of those feature spaces can be utilised to their full potential.

Free standing - Bespoke units can compliment any room. In all shapes and sizes they can store media, books, toys, you name it.

Light it up - Storage no longer needs to be dark and dingy spaces. Lighting, mirrors and glass can all create beautiful spaces.

It's all in the detail - With soft close hinges, sliding doors, there are numerous accessories to compliment your storage space.